Trust Bank fences Adams-Morgan plaza, posters appear on the fence opposing condo project

On the evening of the 30th of March, DC activists responded to Truist Bank's fence around Adams-Morgan plaza with posters calling out their greed for land and demanding DC intervene.

Truist wants to convert this decades-long public space into luxury condominiums, but local activists have drawn the red line against this redlining banking conglomerate. The plaza exists due to a prior settlement concerning one of Truist's constituant parts gettting caught redlining against people of color.

Truist first tried to fence the plaza in September but was stopped by activists occupying the plaza and nailing Truist for permit violations/no valid permit. An unhoused encampment was there, and activists reinforced their position. Bowser's bullies intimidated the unhoused into leaving, then it was just the activists holding the plaza. Months later Truist managed to get their fence up, but lawsuits about the project are still pending.

Fence on Adams-Morgan plaza (18th and Columbia) w wrap showing expected view Truist's yuppie dream condos-and an activists poster over that wrap

Closeup of poster added to Truist's wrap on the fence

Truist's fence and wrap shortly before activists "edited" it with posters

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