Light Brigade holds protest supporting rising demands for impeachment of Clarence Thomas

Video: Light Brigade at Supreme Court and Capitol 40 sec

On the 30th of March, the Light Brigade held a protest first at the Supreme Court, then at the US Capitol to support growing demands that Supreme Court "Justice" Clarence Thomas be impeached.

The J6 investigation has uncovered evidence that Supreme Court "Justice" Clarence Thomas's wife told Trump's advisers to "stand firm" in opposing the 2020 election. With this and funding from right-wing interests in his background, he cast the sole vote to oppose an order to release documents to the House committee. Rep. Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez has called for Thomas to resign or be impeached.

She said if Thomas refuses to step down, "his failure to disclose income from right-wing organizations, recuse himself from matters involving his wife, and his vote to block the Jan 6th commission from key information must be investigated and could serve as grounds for impeachment."

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