Pro-Confederate rally at Stone Mountain (near Atlanta, GA) draws armed counterprotest

Video-confronting "Sons of Confederate Veterans" at Stone Mountain 1 min 28 sec

On the 30th of April, the so-called "Sons of Confederate Veterans" held a rally at Stone Mountain just outside Atlanta, GA. They had Confederate flags etc, glorifying the age of slavery. Counterprotesters ranging from the NAACP to a security contingent of armed antifascists marched into Stone Mountain Park, where a shouting match ensued. The neo-Confederates were permitted by the Park Service to fire blank cannon salutes.

In prior years the fascists have screamed that the armed counterprotesters (mostly a security contingent against fascist violence) "stormed Stone Mountain" against them. Several times fears of violence caused the park to quite sensibly deny the fascists a permit. Befoe the era of armed security at counterprotests however, violence against anti-racist counterprotesters was apparently not uncommon, including police violence. This seems to have changed thanks to the presence of a security detail armed with modern rifles.

Neo-Confederates firing a cannon salute at Stone Mountain as anti-facist protesters advance on them

The cannon salute up close

Fascists under the ugly Confederate monument carved into Stone Mountain. Removing this vandalism of the rock will be a major project

A call to remove this hateful monument

Lead elements of the counterprotest marching in Stone Mountain Park

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