Pro-Choice marchers take to the streets nationwide

Video-the march in Tampa hugely outnumbers fundamentalist counterprotesters 1 min 7 sec

Update May 8:A security guard at the Tampa Federal courthouse threatened to "take down" one of the protesters and drew his mace, apparently only to end up having to eat his words. Firsthand report via Twitter

Sat, the 7th of May was the first weekend day after the Supreme Court's Monday leak of a draft decision to totally overturn Roe v Wade. Marchers took to the streets in many cities from coast to coast. One of these marches took place in Tampa, FL. Florida has passed a partial abortion ban that presumably goes into effect in July. Florida is becoming a major battleground state on gender and sexuality issues.

The Tampa protest on May 7 was organized by the Party for Socialism and Liberation (PSL), and assembled in front of the Federal courthouse downtown. From there protesters marched to an outdoor concert and held a rally there before returning. Passing motorists cheered the protesters in many places, and opposition was limited to a half-dozen theocrats that may have been Westboro Baptist plus two others with a noisy megaphone. The folks who may have been Westboro had a "God hates (something)" sign, which generally indicates Westboro.

Outside the Federal courthouse

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