Literal Handmaid and SCOTUS "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett gets another home demo

On the 9th of June, protesters again returned to the confy Virginia home of Supreme Court "Justice" Amy Coney Barrett. Barrett formerly held the title of "handmaid" in the People of Praise far-right religious cult. This time around, a "reporter" from FOX News showed up, behaved in an extremely unprofessional and confrontational manner, and left when nobody would talk to him.

Video of the protest and some of the FOX News "reporter's" behavior 1 min 14 sec

Protesters return to the home of Amy Coney Barrett

This man pushed as close as possible to many people and got physically pushy. He is supposed to be a "reporter" for FOX News and may have acted like this on their clock.

Man on left is same FOX News "reporter," man on right is part of his crew or possibly the lead "reporter"

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