Antiabortion "Fetus freaks" of PAAU get jail time for clinic trespassing, more on the way

Last year, the fetus-stealing antiabortion extremists of PAAU broke into a clinic in Alexandria, VA. On July 12, 2022 six of them pleaded no-contest to trespassing and were taken directly to JAIL. Two of them got 30 day jail terms, four more got four days apiece. PAAU is famous for having broken into a DC clinic to steal fetal remains.

PAAU leader Lauren Handy may have more than 30 days jail time ahead of her. In September she faces sentencing in Michigan for trespassing-and up to two years in prison. Presumably she committed a felony there. She has been indicted in DC for violating the federal FACE (clinic access) law, and could face 11 years in prison for that one. Then there are cases against her in California and Ohio. This could total up to nearly 15 years in prison, lots of time to learn what it is like to have others demand control over your life.

Other members of the far-right extremist group PAAU (so-called "Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising) will be holding protests at the jail but they will not be anywhere near as powerful as say, an anarchist group would be if the situation were reversed. It is very doubtful they can get 100 people or any fireworks to the jail, but anarchist groups have done exactly that at some jails in the past. Notably supporters of Chelsea Manning and Jeremy Hammond shot off fireworks at the same jail while Chelsea and Hammond were there for resisting grand jury subpeonas. It is unlikely there will be any fireworks tonight.

Woman in blue dress w red hair is PAAU leader Lauren Handy, now serving 30 days in jail

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