Yet another police attack fails to dislodge Atlanta Forest Defense/Stop Cop City land occupation

On the outskirts of Atlanta, the city government wants to destroy hundreds of acres of forest near the prison complex to build a police training range (Cop City) and a movie studio complex. On the 21st of July, yet another police raid failed to remove the treesits defending the woods. The communique below has been issued:

The continued militarized response to treesitters in the south Atlanta forest shows very blatantly how willing the state is to use violence and intimidation to repress our movements.

To the state we say this "We will not be intimidated." Your "aggressive posturing" will not scare us away. While you depict us as almost mythical creatures capable of terrifying things, skulking through the woods, we enjoy a world filled with relationships built on trust and intimacies deeper than you can imagine. group meals, music around the fire, real talk, a life richer than most anything to be found in civilization, built with the scraps of your world. There are many of us, with many different analyses, but we hold one thing in common, we have seen what is possible, and we stand in total opposition to this world and its cops. For a world without police or prisons or asylums, a world without gender, a world without civilization


Cops seen from one of so many treesits

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