Protesters take steps of Tampa Convention Center from Turning Point USA

Video: protesters take the steps, MAGAts harass them from behind, including an assault by a TPUSA attendee on protesters 5 min 25 sec

UPDATE 7-24: It has been reported that TRUMP himself attended Turning Point USA. In addition to him, open Nazis with Nazis flags also showed up, but apparently were careful enough to stay out of sight of the protesters

On the 23ed of July, Charlie Kirk's Turning Point USA and the groyper-associated "Student Action Summit" held a convention at the Tampa, FL convention center. Furious pro-choice protesters descended on the event and managed to take the steps of the Convention Center itself. MAGAts countered by pushing into and harassing the protest from behind.

The organizing against TPUSA was described as "liberal" yet the situation in the street felt very intense. Somehow the incidents of Trump/DeSantis/TPUSA fascists putting hands on people did not excalate to punches which then would be followed by projectiles. This was a very tight discipline on the part of the protest participants who unlike the fascists were not there for a riot. Still, the current political situation in the US is as combustable as the author of the report has ever seen it, exceeding even the beginning and end of Trump's 2017-2021 term. During those times, we did not have an active ban on abortion in half the states. There was no bill to impose the death penalty for abortion in NC, and no serious proposal in FL to replace gender affirming care with forcible conversion therapy.

It has been less than a month since Dobbs, and the forces it has unleashed are accelerating at an rate I have not seen in my entire life. The battles of Nov 14 and Dec 12 2020 and J6 afterwards took months to build up, going back at least to May 2020 if not Charlottesville. Charlottesville took 7 months to build as well,and ended in a defeat for the Fascists. Now, we have in two months gone from a "maybe" leaked SCOTUS draft decision to ban abortion to discussions of executions for abortion. Fascist violence is escalating just as fast.

JUST THIS WEEKEND Fascists and "Jesus Freaks" have attacked family-friendly "Drag Queen Story Hours" in three places: Chicago, Mongomery County, MD, and Boston. Only the MD one proceeded without disruption or cancellation. Boston was disrupted, and Chicago had to cancel after fascists trashed and damaged the venue the night before. This is the use of force to enforce gender and sexual conformity, and this sort of hate can end in genocide.

Taking the Tampa Convention Center steps from TPUSA and groypers

The march rolls in

Hungry guillotine for the capitalists who have gone so crazy

Two in "Ultra MAGA" caps. On Twitter "Ultra MAGA" is associated with hard core Naziism and Holocaust support

A Fascist cameraman active since at least 2017

This is NUTS

It has been reported w 90% confidence that this is triple murderer Christopher Semok AKA Cristopher LaBlanc, fromerly of Miama at TPUSA

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