Pro-LGBTQ activists confront Proud Boys, fash as extreme right pressures Miami-Dade school board to drop Pride Month

Video-confronting Proud Boys and other fascists at the school board 3 min

On the 8th of September, the Miami-Dade County school board held a revote on the question of whether to designated October as LGBTQ month. This has been approved before, but now three school board members opposed by Fl Governor DeSantis had been replaced. Both inside and out the far-right hectored them to drop Pride Month. Meanwhile, LGBTQ activists testified inside for keeping Pride Month, and counterprotested Proud Boys and other fascists outside.

The Proud Boys who showed up were some of the least intelligent members of the Proud Boys the author of this piece has ever seen. Big talkers instead of doers too. Counterprotesters at contact range, cops were on the other side of the street. Those cops who did come over palled around with the Proud Boys. For all that, not a single Proud Boy dared to throw a punch and begin the fight-even though the Proud Boys had counterprotesters outnumbered. THere was the sense that the bear mace of Charlottesville or the swirling, pole and knife-armed melee combat of Nov 14, 2020 in DC would have sent these posers running for cover.

Althouth there were concerns for the safety of LGBTQ speakers leaving the meeting inside, precautions were taken to ensure Proud Boys or other attackers (if the Proud Boys were bait) didn't get any easy oportunities. On top of all else, most of the talk from the Proud Boys took the form of personal attacks on the physical appearance of LGBTQ activists counterprotesting them.

Unfortunately, DeSantis's thugs inside the school board itself were strong enough to kill Pride Month, which was voted down 8-1. This will not be forgotten and will have consequences.

Proud Boys throw "white power" hand signs outside the school board meeting

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