1776/Convoy MAGAts attempting to take over ten-four DC trucker rally

Video: Ten-Four DC on the mall, confirmed 1776'er present 1 min

Once a year, the "ten-four DC" trucker rally sets up on the Mall, polishing and showing off their semis and talking to the public about trucking industry issues and concerns. This year they have a problem: the far-right/antivax/1776 movement convoy MAGAts are trying to take it over.

This is a classic example of a strategy known as "entryism" in which a smaller, more radical organization attempts to infiltrate and take control of a much larger group.

From the organizers' website: "Ten Four D.C. is a neutral ground. We do not promote protests, shutdowns, or strikes" according to this the 1776 Movement is a disruption and can legitimately be removed from the event.

This truck w anti-vax slogans was also in DC during a March 25 "convoy" run through the city

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