Armed LGBTQ march held in Dallas, Texas

Video posted to Twitter by Elm Fork John Brown Gun 30 seconds

On the 22nd of November, in the wake of the murderous anti-LGBTQ rampage at Club Q in Colorado Springs, an armed pro-LGBTQ march was held in the Austin, Texas "Gayborhood." The Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club participated and posted several videos to their Twitter account.

The first chant in the video below is "Bottoms, Tops, Fuck these cops." Many have made the point that the police do NOT protect the LGBTQ community, rather the community defends itself. That is exactly what happened at Club Q: cops arrived after the fact, with club patrons having subdued the shooter. The patron who snatched the gunman's backup weapon (a pistol) and beat him in the head with it (instead of shooting the shooter) was actually arrested and held for over an hour before police finally realized he was not the shooter but rather a defender. Who keeps us safe? NOT the police.

In the wake of the violent terrorist attack and armed response, some say the expected civil war in the US is now underway.

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