"Freedom to discriminate" case draws dueling protests to SCOTUS

On the 5th of December, Christian fundamentalists again faced off with women's rights and LGBTQ activists in front of the Supreme Court. This time the case in question is a lawsuit brought challenging antidiscrimination laws protecting LGBTQ folks and by extension people of color and almost any other disfavored group. Fundamentalist Christian bakers and artists rallied outside while progressives counterprotested them. The case is 303 Creative LLC v. Elenis

Abortion rights activists, LGBTQ activists, and several Satanic Temple folks showed up for the counterprotest. The Satanic Temple, rather than being literal devil worshippers is a nontheistic group using Satanic imagery (as was done by many musicians in the 1980's) to promote religious freedom and beat back religious fundamentalist oppression. With Christian Nationalists growing in strength, a supporter of witch-burning on the Supreme Court, and outright genocide against trans folks being openly promoted, the use of such imagery is no surprise. This will likely grow if the fight between Christian nationalists and LGBTQ people escalates into open warfare.

As expected from the Kavanaugh Fraternity, SCOTUS is expected to rule for the so-called "artist" seeking the right to discriminate against same-sex couples. Given that some on the court have expressed a willingness to bring back "sodomy" laws and revoke the previous SCOTUS decision on same sex marriage, this is no surprise.

The woman filing the original lawsuit does not even really have standing. She has never been sued under any state's antidiscrimination laws, and has not even started her proposed web design firm yet. Instead, she has brought a pre-emptive lawsuit seeking the "right" to refuse to produce any content for same-sex couples getting married.

Photo by Our rights DC

No Hate like Christian Love (Photo by Our Rights DC)

Photo by Our Rights DC

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