Dream Defenders take over Ron DeSantis's office in FL State Capitol, 14 arrests

Video including DeSantis staffer w cake, and police violence towards protesters 1 min 28 sec

On the 3ed of May, activists from Dream Defenders and other groups all over Florida took over the office of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. The sit-in lasted 7 hours, and at one point a DeSantis staffer was caught on video brazenly feasting on cake in full "let them eat cake" fashion.

This was ten years after the first Dream Defenders takeover of the FL Governor's office over the murder of Trayvon Martin. This time around, Dream Defenders was joined by activists from all over Florida, there to oppose his brazen Fascist, even genocidal agenda.

At least one journalist was expelled prior to the arrests, and doors to the entire FL state Capitol locked well in advance. The occupation lasted seven hours before being forcibly removed resulting in 14 arrests. Video showing police behaving violently towards blockaders (included in this video report) got out via an anonymous participant.

While protesters inside complained about DeSantis essentially burning down the state, his mansion-dwelling staffers feasted on cake. Marie Antwonette never actually said "let them eat cake" but DeSantis's staffers just said it in deeds not just words.

Still from Dream Defenders video

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