Occupy Polk Day 2: campaign for ballot question to protect abortion in FL

Video: rallying at the roadside, trying to pay Sen Collins a visit 1 min 35 sec

The 10th of May was the second day of Occupy Polk, which is camping on private property at a women's clinic, out of reach of cops attempting to arrest them for or otherwise prevent them from camping. They are campaigning to put a referendum on the 2024 Florida ballot to guarantee abortion rights and overturn all of DeSantis's extremist anti-abortion laws.

If this question reaches the ballot, it is very likely to pass as it has in other states in the 2022 election. All of those were states the GOP thought were solidly Christiajn Nationalist and antiabortion, only to have voters flush these assumptions down the toilet of history.

The Senator from District 12 seemed to be avoiding her office, as did several other Lakeland and Fl officials that day.

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