J6 supporters get violent after counterprotesters get their prime spot at DC Jail

Video-J6 supporters get violent after counterprotesters get their spot at DC Jail 1 min 55 sec

For nearly a year, supporters of the pro-Trump insurgents who stormed the Capitol on Jan 6 2021 have been protesting outside the DC Jail in support of the terrorists held or passing through there for J6. On the 14th of May, they got a surprise: counterprotesters got their first and took the prime spot! The fascists responded with violence.

The counterprotesters have adopted the name DC Residents against Terrorism and Sympathizers, or DC Rats for short.

Although cops had (as the law requires when no permit exists) let the counterprotesters stay in the spot they took first, they also took no action against the right winger who smashed a counterprotester's glasses. The attacker just barreled into the counterprotest, screaming something about judges and then destroying the glasses. As the fash showed up, police had used some barricades to set separate zones for each side, but with both on the same side of the street this did not prevent Fascist violence. Since the counterprotesters had arrived first, thus had the legal right to the close up spot, and the J6'ers have a reputation for violence, it would have been in the interests of public peace to confine the pro-J6 protesters to the other side of the street.

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