Defenders of Lakeland Women's Health Center protest ribbon cutting for fake clinic next door

Video: Clinic defenders and Occupy Polk protest fake clinic ribbon cutting ceremony 3 min 37 sec

Antiabortion extremists have developed a nasty habit of opening fake clinics loaded with Bible propaganda next to abortion clinics. On the 16th of March, one of these fake clinics next to Lakeland Women's Health Center in Florida held a ribbon cutting ceremony. The ceremony drew an angry and noisy protest from defenders of the legitimate clinic and from Occupy Polk.

The pairs of real and fake clinics are becoming reminescent of the pairs of opposing castles that were often built along European rivers that formed front lines between contending powers, especially in France. All clinics in places like Florida with religious extremists dominating the state government are effectively under siege.

Polk County Sheriff's deputy Capt Billy Strickland appeared to participate in as well as defend the ribbon cutting ceremony. He was seen seated in the middle of the crowd under the tent during the ceremony, not standing apart to defend it. Interestingly, he donated $88.30 to Polk County Sheriff Grady Judd's reelection campaign. 88 is a well-known Nazi symbol meaning "HH" or Heil Hitler. Adolf Hitler became Chanceller of Germany on Jan 30 1933. Unknown if this is intentional or a cooincidence. In addition, he shot two people while on duty back in 2021, supposedly for trying to ram him with a car.

Up on the fence wall defending the legitimate clinic

Polk County Sheriff's deputy Capt Billy Strickland in green w star on arm participating in the ceremony

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