Breaking: Trump INDICTED 7 Federal counts Espionage Act

On the 8th of June, former "Not My President" Trump was indicted on 7 Federal charges of violating the Espionage Act. The most serious charge is willful retention of national defense secrets, which is a major felony but short of dissemination of national defense secrets in severity. Obstruction and conspiracy charges were also filed.

Trump will be arraigned in Miami on Tuesday. Even if he is convicted however he is NOT disqualified from running for President in the 2024 election, as the US Constitution does not require the President to be a registered voter. This is unlike almost all other offices, and means a felony conviction is not disqualifying. Of course, it would be rather hard to get to the Oval Office from prision. Another interesting legal question is whether someone with a Federal felony conviction who is elected President can pardon himself.

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