DC Stampede protest Skanska's involvement in U-WA vivisection lab

On the 6th of February, activists from DC Stampede showed up a the Virginia offices of Skanska. Skanska calls themselves a "world leading project development and construction group." Skanska has a contract to build a new, $123 million "Animal Research and Care Facility," meaning a vivisection lab at University of Washington. Dogs, cats, primates, and other animals will be imprisoned there until they are tortured to death in the same of "science." Two protests were held on Feb 6: At about 9AM, nine activists got inside the building and managed to create enough disruption to close the 2nd floor of the building. Cops were stationed outside all day after that, yet activists returned in the afternoon for a round of leafleting.

Vivisection is not tolerated at the University of California and will not be tolerated at the University of Washington.

Vivisection is the same "science" that for 100 years told people cholesterol in human blood came from eating cholesteral, not from eating animal fats. Only rabbits have blood cholesterol that tracks dietary cholesterol, and it was a rabbit "study" this information came from. Another rabbit study nearly kept penicillin off the market, as penicillin is toxic to rabbits.

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