Immigrants march on White House demanding not one more deportation

On the 5th of April, thousands of immigrants and their families and supporters marched from Mt Pleasant Park down 16th st to the White House, bluntly demanding that Obama entirely cease and desist deporting migrants. One of the banners called Obama the "deporter in chief." This, in turn, could indicate that Obama won't be getting any more slack from Latino voters and should be prepared to kiss their votes goodbye if deportations continue.

Video of the Dream March (Liveleak)

Under Obama, deportations have actually increased compared even to George W Bush. Under Bush, ICE was infamous for armed raids on workplaces. Under Obama the new strategy has been the cancerous spread of programs like "Secure Communities" that essentially implement the notorious 287 (g) program nearly nationwide.

That being so, a wide range of organizations came out for the march. In particular, I saw the flags and banners of the FMLN as well as representatives of other Salvadoran political organizations. Speakers on the stage spoke of the horror of familes separated by deportation, such as one man unable to be present at the birth of his daughter due to the criminals from ICE.