Code Pink disrupts Egyptian Minister of Finance' event at US Chamber of Commerce

On the 11th of April, Egyptian Minister of Finance Hani Qadri Demian showed up to be "honored” at a luncheon staged by the US Chamber of Commerce, only to face disruption by Code Pink.

Code Pink gets inside, disrupts Egyptian Finance Minister's event at CofC Youtube video by CodePinkAction

Medea Benajamin of Code Pink was beaten in early March by Egyptian security goons to prevent her from visiting Gaza. Later in March, an Egyptian "court" took the unprecedented step of sentencing 529 protesters to DEATH, allegedly because of one police officer being killed during protests last summer. In those same protests, security forces opened fire on protesters, thousands were killed, now they want to kill 529 more alleging those under fire put points on the board for themselves.

Under US law it is illegal for military aid to be sent to military coup regimes, yet resumption of such aid seems to be on the agenda and as for the rest of the US government it seems to be business as usual. Maybe Homeland Security wishes they could have executed all the protesters at Philiadelphia BIODEV 2005, where a cop had a heart attack? Yes, a DA did file murder charges against all arrested protesters, only to have a judge angrily throw out the charges the next morning. In Egypt things are different and the defendants were convicted and sentenced to death.