Animal rights activists take direct action against DC area Skanska execs

On the last weekend of June, animal rights activists showed up at the home of Martin Sharpless, VP of Skanska Building, which is trying to build a new vivisection lab at University of Washington (state). Chalked messages were left all over the surrounding streets. Also visited was the Montgomery County, MD office of Skanska Building USA.

It is bad enough that Huntingdon Life Sciences(HLS), Covance, and James River Laboratories torture animals every day in the name of so-called "science." Now the University of Washington wants to open a brand new vivisection laboratory. Skanska Building USA has the contract to physically construct the laboratory, exposing them to a national campaign of resistance. Probably the June visit to the Skanska office was the first many of their employees became aware of this sickening contract.

The street in front of the home of Martin Sharpless, VP of Skanska Building

The office of Skanska Construction USA after a visit by animal rights activists.

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