Family members, Code Pink protest Egypt's detention of sit-in translater Mohamed Soltan

On April 21, Mohamed Soltan's two sisters and brother backed by Code Pink showed up at the Egyptian Embassy.
Video-Family members,other Egyptians and Code Pink speak out

They were there to demand that he be released from imprisonment for serving as a translator at a peaceful civil disobediance protest against the military coup government in Egypt. As of the 21st of April Mohamed Soltan had not eaten for 85 days, as he is on a hunger strike against his lawless detention. He is a US Citizen, and the Department of State has also refused to take any action whatsover, just as they do in cases of unlawful rendition of US citizens to similar regimes. The coup government in Egypt is infamous for sentencing 529 protesters to death after killing thousands more in the weeks after they took power by force.

In front of the gates of the Egyptian Embassy

Mohamed Soltan's brother and two sisters outside the Egyptian Embassy

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