Photos from TPP protest at the US Chamber of Commerce

The 25th of April was the National Day of Action to Shut the Chamber of Commerce. Organized by Global Climate Convergence, CodePink, Popular Resistance, the Liberty Tree Foundation, Alliance for Democracy, the Overpass Light Brigade network, they staged multiple actions on April 25. Here in DC protesters showed up at the US Chamber of Commerce itself with a banner opposing the TPP or Trans-Pacific PArtnership.

The TPP is almost dead in the water, with leaders of both houses of Congress calling fast-track "dead in the water" and all the other TPP negotiating nations refusing to accept US/Hollywood/Monsanto positions on so-called "intellectual property." As word has spread of provisions to hold websites and even the phone companies (ISP's) legally liable for what people post and share, public opposition has mushroomed. The TPP and companion TTIP Atlantic trade deal would mandate the building of massive coal and gas export terminals, to the horror of many. They would spread NAFTA-style investor protection lawsuits over most of the world. Trouble is, as word has apread of the extremely unpopular US demands on Internet service, seeds patents, drug patents, and software patents , all other potential signatories have balked, stopping the whole deal. A deal that was supposed to be done last September instead has had almost no "progress" in meeting after meeting.

The US Chamber of Commerce along with the office of the US Trade Representative have been attempting to bully the rest of the world into submitting to the demands of Big Oil, Big Gas, Big Coal, Monsanto, and Hollywood, but people power has been checking them at every turn!

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