TPP and US bases in Phillipines get protest at USTR

On the 26th of April, activists from the Phillipines showed up in front of USTR to oppose Obama's "Asian Pivot."
video of TPP "Crazy Train" protest at USTR

This effort by Obama includes promotion of the unpopular and stalled TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership. It also includes more US bases and more US troops throughout Asia, an area long known for US bullying and attempts at domination (remember Vietnam?)

The day before this protest, efforts by Obama to bully Japan into accepting the US positions in the TPP negotiations again ended in failure. With the heads of both houses of Congress calling TPP "fast track" authority "dead on arrival," it looks like the global citizen opposition to the TPP is well on the way to defeating this deal just like it defeated the WTO Doha round.

The TPP Crazy Train is off the tracks and back at USTR!

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