Rising Voices storms GE, Koch headquarters, 12 arrests at White House CD

On the 28th of April, the National People's Action/Rising Voices brought at least 1500 people to the streets of DC demanding a living wage and an end to deportations.

Youtube Video of White House arrests
Youtube Video of National People's Action storming GE

Intense action took place in multiple locations at once. A civil disobediance at the White House led to 12 arrests of activists from National People's Action & National Domestic Workers Alliance.By 1:45PM all arrestees were reported to have been released.

Elsewhere protesters stormed the Koch Brother's DC headquarters's ritzy lobby and General Electric (GE). At GE the subject of the action was a corporate tax loophole known simply as the "GE loophole" due to its use by that company to evade paying taxes.

All of this preceded a converging march down Penn Ave to Upper Senate Park, starting from multiple locations. By afternoon, some of the participants were reported to by visiting members of Congress in person to demand an end to deportations, an increase in the minimum wage, and and end to the "tip credit" that allows reducing wages paid to employees who may (or may NOT) be tipped by end customers.

Looks like Mayday is turning into Mayday Week here in DC! There is another minimum wage action scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, and a major public housing rally scheduled for noon Wednesday in front of the Wilson Building by Empower DC. Finally the Mayday march itself leaves Malcolm X Park at noon on Thursday, May 1.

Protesters storm Koch HQ

Arrests at the White House

The crowd on the White House area plaza

The march towards Capitol Hill-still from the UStream video

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