Organizers of Free Soltan rally report Egypt has sentenced 682 more protesters to death

On the 28th of April, Egyptian activists and supporters rallied at CSIS to demand that Mohamed Soltan be freed from prison. At the rally it was reported that over 600 more Egyptians have been sentenced to death over last summer's coup protests.

US citizen Mohamed Soltan has not been sentenced to death, but has been held without charges since last Summer's protests against the military coup in which security forces killed thousands of protesters. On the 28th of April he was on the 92nd day of a hunger strike demanding release. Also on the 28th of April, the Egyptian foreign minister was visiting US Secretary of State John Kerry at CSIS, the Center for Strategic and International Studies. Outside protesters demanded Mohamed be released-and announced the 682 new death sentences the brutal mulitary coup regime in Egypt has handed down on top of last month's 582.

This report has been confirmed by a Newsweek report that an Egyptian court has sentenced 682 protesters plus the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood to death. The same court has given final confirmation to 37 of the 582 death sentences handed down last month.

Fortunately, some of the defendants sentenced to death are not in the custody of the military coup government, instead being sentenced to death in absentia while on the run. Hopefully they will never be caught.

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