DC Stampede protest Skanska's involvement in U-WA vivisection lab

On the 6th of February, activists from DC Stampede showed up a the Virginia offices of Skanska. Skanska calls themselves a "world leading project development and construction group." Skanska has a contract to build a new, $123 million "Animal Research and Care Facility," meaning a vivisection lab at University of Washington. Dogs, cats, primates, and other animals will be imprisoned there until they are tortured to death in the same of "science." Two protests were held on Feb 6: At about 9AM, nine activists got inside the building and managed to create enough disruption to close the 2nd floor of the building. Cops were stationed outside all day after that, yet activists returned in the afternoon for a round of leafleting.

Activists blockade Dominion's Richmond HQ against Atlantic Coast Pipeline

Dominion is not only building a fracked gas export plant at Cove Point, MD, they also are seeking to build the "Atlantic Coast Pipeline" to transport some of that fracked gas. The pipeline would desecrate Native American burial grounds as well as promote more fracking. Shortly after 7 AM on the 23ed of February, over 50 activists blocked off access by car to Dominion Resources’ Tredegar Campus in Richmond, Virginia.

Youtube video-protesting Dominion

DC Ferguson marches on 7D police station

On the 22nd of February, DC Ferguson met at the Congress Heights Metro in Anacostia and marched on the 7th District police station. Protesters were demanding justice for Ralphael Briscoe, who was shot in the back by a police "jump-out" squad back in 2011 without having even been suspected of having committed a crime. The shooting was described by one speaker as being a "drive-by." As usual, the police involved in this murder have been cleared of all charges and returned to duty. DC Ferguson is demanding that these murderers be punished-and that police jump-out tactics be ended in DC forever.

Video of march on 7D and speakers in front of 7D

In front of the 7th District headquarters of MPD

The Shortwave Report 2/20/15 Listen Globally!

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Muslims, DC Ferguson protest hypocritical "countering violent extremism" summit

On the 18th of February, Obama began his "countering violent extremism" summit, which is mostly an event to coordinate police efforts to spy on and infiltrate Muslim communities. Outside, both Muslims and DC Ferguson activists called out this event for hypocrisy. The US itself was called out for the drone strikes used for extra-judicial executions throughout the Muslim world. This was compared to the routine and never punished street executions of African-Americans by killer cops, often by jump-outs in DC. Lastly everyone was reminded that the profile of almost every terrorist in the US has been an angry, armed white male. This includes last week's murder of three Muslims by a terrorist in North Carolina. No doubt Obama's summit will pay little attention to the ongoing drumbeat of mass murders by angry white men in the US.

Selected video highlights of the protest