Die-In protest at Wheaton Plaza against killer cops, two snatch squad arrests after

On New Year's Day 2015, civil rights activists held a die-in at Wheaton Plaza protesting the continuing police violence and murder against African-Americans. Police have shot two DC residents just in the past couple weeks, and have even shot at protesters in Ferguson. Black lives still matter, and until the cops get that straight organizers warn these protests can pop up anytime, anywhere.

Video of the Wheaton Plaza die-in and protesters marching out of the Mall

New Year's Day die-in at Wheaton Plaza

Washington "Moon-Times" claims DC cops spent $3M because of Ferguson protests

The Unification Church(Rev Moon)-controlled Washington Times is claiming that DC Police have spent $3M because of the DC Ferguson protests. I can say from personal experience that this consists of following DC Ferguson protests through the streets and redirecting traffic to isolate protests. Perhaps police chief Cathy Lanier should think of this as a $3M fine against the DC Police for violating the rights of African-American city residents with jump-out tactics and illegal searches stemming from them.


Video emerges of SUV ramming protesters in LA

On the 29th of December, video emerged on Youtube of an SUV driver in LA ramming his truck through a street blockade set by Ferguson/police brutality protesters. One protester was left seriously injured.

Native Americans, allies march on Washington Football Team, demand racist name be changed

On the 28th of December, Native Americans and allies from many communities marched on the final home game of the Washington Football Team. The demand was simple: that the team change their racist name and mascot. The name originated as a reference to bounties paid to mercenaries and vigilantes for the scalps of murdered Native American men, women, and children. At one point the bounty reached $200-in 1800's dollars. To this day it is still deemed "culturally acceptable" to treat Indigenous people as "unpersons," according to multiple rally speakers. Thus, this is the one time the use of racist names and mascots in sports is still widely accepted.

Video from the protest at Fedex Field

Vigil held for man shot by DC police, memorial then trashed by vigilante

On the 26th of December, a vigil was held at 28th and Naylor Road (Anacostia), for 29 year old Raymond Robinson, who was shot and killed by DC Police on Christmas Eve. Police claimed he fired on them, but multiple witnesses said police fired first. Not long after the vigil, a man in a neighborhood Watch T-shirt desecrated tbe memorial.

Video clips of the vigil

The memorial set up at 28th and Naylor-reads "Rest in Power"