Photos from TPP protest at the US Chamber of Commerce

The 25th of April was the National Day of Action to Shut the Chamber of Commerce.

Native Americans and ranchers protest KXL at Kerry's home, block Wisc and M

On the 25th of April, Reject and Protect showed up in front of Secretary of State John Kerry's fancy Georgetown house.
Video of Kerry home demo and Wisc/M st round dance

The scene outside Sec of State Kerry's house. It is across the street behind the barricades

Reject and Protect projects anti-Keystone images on EPA

On the 24th of April, the Cowboys and Indians of Reject and Protect projected anti-Keystone XL images on the walls of the EPA

Video of EPA light projection action

Projection and light panels

Native American chiefs wade into reflecting pool against Keystone XL

On the 24th of April, two Native American tribal chiefs waded into the Lincoln Memorial reflecting pool in opposition to the Keystone XL.

Photo cropped from a John Zangas photo

Breaking: Rolling Stone, MSNBC report Obama to REJECT the Keystone XL

Late on April 23, Rolling Stone and MSNBC reported that "it's no longer if but when"