Cannabis legalization activists carry 51 foot "joint" to White House

On the 2nd of April, activists demanding that cannabis (marijuana) be removed from the DEA's "Schedule 1" classification marched on the White House carrying a 51 foot long mock joint. At the White House, cops claimed it was a "security threat" and it had to be carried back out. Activists then proceeded to defy the still-actve Federal ban on smoking pot on Federal government owned land. Two tickets were issued but there are no reports of actual arrests.

WTOP Radio reported on this protest but claimed falsely that police managed to prevent the giant joint from being displayed at the White House. Although it was not there for long, the video below proves WTOP's report to be wrong, with the giant joint on Penn Ave. Well after it had been hauled back out by activists though, cops were present in unusual numbers in the area, along with multiple other protests.

Video posted by DCMJ of the 51 foot "joint" in front of the White House

Still from DCMJ video declared by posters "available for unrestricted media use"

51 foot joint at the White House
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