Black Lives Matter protest at US Attorney's office: Prosecute "special police" who killed Alonzo Smith

On the 13th of October, Black Lives Matter activists, some of them by motorcade, showed up at the US Attorney's office on 4th st NW demanding that the "special police" who killed Alonzo Smith in the Marbury Plaza apartments be prosecuted for murder.

Just hours after this protest, the US attorney's office insulting announced that the "special police" security guards who murdered Alonzo will not be prosecuted on any charges whatsoever. Alonzo's mother Beverly stated flatly that a cover-up was reponsible for the lack of an indictment for these killer cops.

Once again, prosecutors have effectively declared that police and security guards as well have a free hand to kill African-Americans any time they want. NBC News report:No-Charges-to-Be-Filed-Against-Security-Guards-in-DC-Mans-Death

Video from "Justice for Zoe" protest at US attorney's office

Demanding the US attorney prosecute Alonzo Smith's killers
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