Uber Driver tries to push through Black Lives Matter/Terrence Sterling Protest on NY Ave

Monday the 17th of October marked 6 weeks since MPD shot Terrence Sterling dead for "erratic driving" on his motorcycle. It was also the 4th Monday in a row protesters shut down NY Ave just yards from where he was killed. This time around, there was plenty of "erratic driving" by an Uber driver pushing into protesters and a few other motorists squeezing through narrow gaps. Unlike what happened to Terrence Sterling, police did not respond by rolling down their windows and shooting the drivers.

The Uber driver drove all the way into contact with protesters but at such a slow speed nobody got hurt. The main risks were that he'd run over somebody's foot- or potentially that police would do to him what they did to Terrence Sterling for an unintentional version of the same offense. Terrence Sterling was on a motorcycle, not a van or SUV like the Uber driver.

Police have been trying to claim that Terrence rammed their car with his motorcycle, but ramming a car with a motorcycle in ineffective and thus not a tactic anyone is likely to use. More likely he either crashed into them under pressure or was shot without having even made contact. The shooter's body camera was turned off until after the shooting and police have refused to release any other footage, implying they and Mayor Bowser have something to hide. Lots of cameras watch the 3rd and NY Ave area. Black Lives Matter is describing what police did to Terrence Sterling as a drive-by shooting, as there are reports the cop rolled down his window and opened fire as though he were a gang-banger

As for "erratic driving," the police themselves are often said by neighborhood residents to be among the worst offenders. The "no-chase" rule violated by the cops who chased and then shot Terrence Sterling was imposed as a response by the city to too many bystanders injured or killed by police who crashed their cars in chases.

Video including the Uber driver driving into protesters

An Uber driver pushed into Black Lives Matter protesters

Blocking NY Ave, another driver gets pushy

The Uber driver closes with protesters

Uber driver drives into Black Lives Matter
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