Neo Nazis blocked from reaching Lafayette Park for rally

Video:Counterprotesters halt Nazi march on Penn Ave, swarm of police respond

On the 3rd of December, neo-Nazis attempted to march to Lafayette Park in front of the White House for a rally with speakers. They ran into stiff opposition as two different groups opposing fascism marched onto Pennsylvania Ave to confront them.

The advance of the Nazis then stalled, and this was as far as they got. A large number of cops then blocked the road and pushed into the space between the Nazis and the much greater number of counterprotesters. As usual, the Nazis were whining about immigration and promoting Trump's wall.

Police clearly were defending the Nazis, they were facing counterprotesters and additional cops were brought up in a threatening posture that looked like the beginnings of a kettle (mass arrest). The partial surround was a bluff, and after a few minutes of loud, back and forth shouting the Nazis gave up and marched away with a heavy police escort. Counterprotesters then marched off too, victory in hand as the Nazis had been prevented from holding their planned rally with speakers in Lafayette Park.

The Nazi march was first discovered on Eli Mosely's Twitter feed, he is the CEO (yes, they have a CEO) of Identity Evropa

Front line on Penn Ave

The Nazi march was tiny compared to the counterprotesters, here it is before most of the cops arrived

Another view of Identity Evropa's tiny march

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