"Banantifa" protest at Tucker Carlson's house after his racist and sexist remarks

Video from in front of Tucker Carlson's house 2 min 32 sec

In the wake of Tucker Carlon's gutter racist and misogynistic remarks on "Bubba the Love Sponge," protesters arrived at his home on the evening of March 15. Several were dressed as "Banantifa" in banana costumes, while more were in Halloween costumes. A lot of cops and a number of area fascists stood on the other side of the street.

While one of the fascists was extremely confrontational and argumentive, no "incidents" resulted from his provocation. Fascists are known for using provocation to get people arrested, but they failed at Tucker Carlson's house.

Activists say "Tucker is a slippery sucker and we are going to keep pulling back the peel until that is clear to everybody."


At Tucker Carlson's home

Cops, undercovers, and area fascists lined the side of the street containing Tucker Carolson's house

DC Anticom was there, they are fans of Pinochet judging by their call for throwing people out of helicopters

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