Patriot Front (Nazis) shows up at Lafayette, flees in cars with covered license plates

On the 18th of June, 8 members of the neo-Nazi group Patriot Front showed up at Black Lives Matter Plaza/Lafayette Sq. They didn't stay long when anti-Fascist activists began filming them and a few BLM protesters yelled at them. They fled north to L st, then back to their cars. They drove out of the Colonial Parking garage at 20th and Penn with their license plates covered up.

To drive with covered license plates and not fear police harassment, Patriot Front must have some kind of "arrangment" with DC's Metropolitan Police Department (MPD) and other area police agencies with jurisdiction over the roads in question.

There have been repeated incidents of fascist/extreme right attempts to sneak into DC's George Floyd protests. At least three times various fascists have been caught and sent fleeing, with cameras recording their every move.

Patriot Front is a splinter from American Vanguard, which shattered after the deadly "Unite the Right" rally. Unite the Right exploded into a battle which the Nazis lost, and finally into the infamous car ramming attack at Charlottesville on Aug 12, 2017. One person (Heather Heyer) was murdered outright and at least 19 others ended up in the hospital from that Daesh-style car assault.

Patriot Front flees Colonial Parking at 20th and Penn with license plates covered on the first of three vehicles. All had covered plates

Patriot Front had 8 people roaming near Black Lives Matter plaza. The racist stickers they put up were immediately destroyed

Here they look almost like the Proud Boys at NYC's Republican Club just before than infamous violent assault

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