Police brutality protesters march on 7D police station in Anacostia

On the evening of Oct 22, a national day of action against police brutality, local activists marched from the Anacostia Metro station to the 7th district police station. They demanded that all killer cops, not just Darren Wilson in Ferguson, be prosecuted and jailed. Before setting out, one activist read out a list of people killed by police right here in DC.

A suprising number of police cars shadowed the march, but every cop following the march was one less cop harassing people in the surrounding neighborhoods. One cop made some snide remarks over the police car's speaker, calling the march "bullshit" for not being in NW, even though the brutality of his comrades on the very streets the march travelled on was the subject of the march! Bystanders other than police who said anything without exception said positive things about the march, and a few joined for short distances and one (an activist who lives in the area) for the remaining length of the march.

At 7D, a number of activsts entered the station to file formal complaints about killer cops. They were told only a captain could dispense the complaint forms, and this was followed by a substantial delay before they ran off copies of the forms in question

Video of the march on 7D

Video compilation of speakers before the march

Marching on 7d-shadowed by many police cars

Gathering at the Anacostia Metro and reading names of those killed by DC police

Outside the 7th District police headquarters

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