Police attack using snowplows fails to remove Nellie's protest

Video of the failed police attempt to push through using snowplows 53 sec

On the 30th of July, Boycott Nellie's protesters showed up for the 7th week since Keisha was dragged down the stairs over Pride weekend. The bar was open but sparsely attended. During the protest, snowplows summoned by MPD tried to clear the intersection, one of them coming in straignt-on and honking while others flanked. The plows were halted by advancing protesters and the attack failed.

Snowplows are commonly used to keep car ramming attacks out of major public events, but it was generally suspected the reason for eventually deploying the plows to this formation was not to defend the protest, but rather to defend Nellies. The previous week, dirt bikers and ATV riders joined the protest near the end, creating a noisy, smoky scene reminescent of Mad Max. While this was to cheering protesters, Nellie's owner Doug may have been thinking more of facing Black Lives Matter in Thunderdome on seeing such a thing.

Well after sunset there was another incident: MPD officer Riley stole a piece of Pizza meant for protesters and tried to eat it, only to have it taken away from him. MPD lost the ensuing confrontation and had to back away as cameras rolled. Between that and the snowplows, the theme of the whole night may well be described as "bad cop no donut."

Snowplows attempt to charge into the intersection held by protesters in front of Nellie's Sports Bar

Protesters met the attack head-on, the snowplow drivers halted, refusing like the famous tank driver at Tianaman Square to run them down

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