DC Ferguson protesters close Georgetown streets, storm Pentagon City mall

On the 29th of November, DC Ferguson protesters marched through Georgetown and shut down the streets. When the march headed out of Georgetown, marchers transitioned from the sidewalks to block shoppers who did not drive in from reaching the doors of upscale stores. At the end of the march, protesters surged into the Foggy Bottom Metro, got off at Pentagon City, and stormed into the shopping mall.

At Pentagon City, marchers went up and down the escalators to effectively block them and turned them off. The march passed through Macys and all floors of the mall before culminating in a die-in in the food court. One of the slogans heard both in Georgetown and at Pentagon City was "No Justice, No Profits!" There was also at least one sign reading "Business as usual kills Black Americans.

Neither in Georgetown nor at Pentagon City were there any serious attempts by police or by security guards at the Mass to interfere with the protests.The political consequences of police or security aggression against this kind of protests were no doubt the main reason for this. Also, at the Mall police and security guards were severely outnumbered and it seemed they had no idea this protest was coming. Just like animal rights protesters at Miller's Furs the day before, protesters seemed to catch Pentagon City and their security guards with their pants down.

Video of the march on Georgetown

Video of protesters storming Pentagon City

A Lakota woman speaks at the march on Georgetown

Mike Flugennock's video of the Georgetown march on Vimeo

Shutting down Wisconsin and M sts

Marching into Georgetown

Taking over Pentagon City

In front of Macys

No business as usual while cops kill kids in the streets!

Die-in at the Pentagon City food court

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