Apache Stronghold march against proposed Oak Flats copper mine arrives in DC

On the 21st of June, Apache Stronghold marched into DC for a series of events demanding that a copper mine planned for Oak Flats be cancelled. This two-day series of events began with a sacred run from the north ariving down 16th Street at the White House. There they joined a second contingent of Apache and supporters waiting for them, held a rally at the White House and marched to the US Capitol to hold traditional ceremonies there.

Apache Stronghold is here to support HR-2811,the Save Oak Flat Act, which would undo permission given to Resolution Mining LLC and Rio Tinto to mine copper on Apache land given to them in by Sen John McCain and reps Representatives Kirkpatrick and Gosar of Arizona. These three bought and paid for politicians inserted the "SouthEast Arizona Land Exchange" into the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act. This provision had one objective: to permit an underground copper mine to open on sacred Apache sacred land. Copper mines are notorious for polluting water and copper smelting for releasing arsenic into the air. Now Resolution Mining LLC plans to open a copper mine at Oak Flats, with Rio Tinto actually building the mine. Rio Tinto is globally notorious for human rights violations and utter destruction of the land. The Save Oak Flat Act would reverse McCain's backroom deal by repealingl Section 3003 of the FY15 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Video of the sacred run, clip of the march, and scene from the US Capitol (1 min 30 sec)

Apache sacred run and march on Capitol to save Oak Flat
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