StopCopTerrorDC marches on eve of Michael Brown Murder anniversary.

The 8th of August was the day before the 1 year anniversary of the murder of Michael Brown by cops in Fergerson, MO, It was also the day DC police (MPD) killed an African-American woman right here in DC. That night StopCopTerrorDC shut down streets from U st to I-395 to protest the continuing wave of police crime, violence, and outright murder of Black and Brown people throughout the US.

The march began at the African American Civil War Memorial, a monument to armed African-Americans who fought against the slaveowners. From there the march shut down U st and 14th st on a Saturday Night. On 14th st the march stopped at the Park on 14th nightclub to call out owner Marc Barnes for paying poverty wages and trying to intimidate his employees into testifying against living wage legislation.

The next target was the police substation at 501 NY Ave, where a sign was left on the door reading "Murderer!" After that marchers proceeded to the intersection of NY Ave and the exit from I-395 and kept both roads shut down for 4 1/2 minutes with a die-in, one minute for each hour Michael Brown's body was left in the street by killer cops in Ferguson. Finally the march proceeded to Chinatown for a closing rally blocking 7th and H sts on a busy Saturday night.

Video highlights of the march

4 1/2 minute die-in blocks I-395 and NY Ave

The march begins on U St

Police substation on NY Ave surrounded by protesters. It is supposedly closed at night.

Sign left on police substation

Chinatown shut down on a Saturday night-yet again!

StopCopTerrorDC on the march
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