Cove Point/gas export Protest shuts Bank of America branch

On the 16th of December, protesters opposing fracked gas export from Dominion's LNG project in Calvert County, MD showed up at the Dupont Circle branch of Bank of America. They were there to deliver a letter to the bank manager and give out fliers outside. Bank of America locked their doors, not only refusing the letter but locking out all their customers, some of whom had paid to park their cars nearby. Bank of America owns 1.4% of Dominion and lent them $4 billion for the Cove Point gas export facility. The Dupont Circle protest was part of a regional day of action against Bank of America's investments in gas export and especially Dominion's dangerous Cove Point facility.

After about two hours protesters moved to another Bank of America branch on 14th st in Columbia Heights. This time they were able to get inside, deliver the letter to the bank manager and leave-only to have a metal gate come down and close this branch too as soon as they were outside. This was the second closure of a Bank of America branch in DC in a matter of hours over BofA's investments in Dominion and gas export.

Still other actions took place in cities across the Mid-Atlantic including Baltimore, Olney MD, Leesburg VA, Harrisonbug,m Va and as far away as Asheville, NC.

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