Homeless memorial Vigil and marches remember 41 who died on the streets

On the 17th of December, the 3ed annual Homeless Memorial Vigil began with an event at Luther Place church followed by a march through traffic to Freedom Plaza. At Freedom Plaza activists and homeless residents are sleeping overnight across from Mayor Bowser's offices. This event remembers 41 homeless people who have died on DC streets this year and is demanding an end to the raids ("sweeps") on emcampments and full funding for the Homeward DC housing program

At the head of the Dec 17 evening rush hour march was the casket representing the 41 people who have died on the streets of DC in the past year. Marchers behind carried signs bearing the names of the fallen.

The casket was carried again in two marches on Dec 18: first from Freedom Plaza to a church on NY Ave for a service, and from there to Mitch Snyder's final resting place.

On the evening on Dec 18, WTOP News reported on the meetings between activists at this vigil and march and city leaders. WTOP specifically mentioned the demand that the DC government stop tearing down homeless encampments.

Video from the Dec 17 march in evening rush hour

Video from the Dec 18 casket march

The Dec 17 march

Marching on Dec 18 from Freedom Plaza

Marching to remember 41 homeless who died this year in DC
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