Yes Men, Chippewa infiltrate DHS conference, get them to round dance

On the 1st of May the Yes Man and at least one activist from the Athabascan Chippewyan First Nations got inside a Dept of Homeland Security conference in DC and pulled off a fake DOE anouncement of a plan to convert the entire US energy grid to renewable energy.

Yes Lab Youtube Video of round dance insider DHS event

"Bana Slowhorse” of the Bureau of Indian Affairs turned out to be Gitz Crazyboy from the Athabascan Chippewyan First Nations, and "Benedict Waterman” of the Department of Energy turned out to be Andy Bichlbaum of the Yes Men. They held a feature presentation for corporate contractors about converting the US energy grid to 100% renewable fuels, and transfer ownership of these generating facilities to those whose land they sit on. This was explicity specified as ranging from solar panels on roofs owned by the building owners to entire Native American nations owning renewable energy faicilites on their land. Not specified was the exact definition of Native American land, which in truth is ALL of Turtle Island. In the end, the infiltrating activists even managed to get all those stuffy corporate contractors to participate in a traditional Round Dance!

Participants included the Black Mesa Water Coalition, Idle No More,, Iraq Veterans Against the War, Greenpeace, Popular Resistance, We Act Radio, It’s Our Economy, Veterans For Peace and CODEPINK. Also all those unwitting contractors!

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Corporate contractors in a Round Dance with the Yes Men and Native American activists

Yes, that's Kevin Zeese and Margaret Flowers inside a DHS event, in the round dance with all those contractors

One of the Yes Men presentation slides

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