8 Arrests after Coal Ash, Pipeline opponents march on Dominion, occupy VA Capitol steps

On the 20th of February, a massive protest assembled in Richmond by the Capitol bell tower before marching on Dominion's headquarters. They were marching against Dominion's practice of dumping coal ash into the James River. Also present were opponents of the Atlantic Coast pipeline (fracked gas) and the LNG export plant at Cove Point, MD. All of those are Dominion projects. At the end of the march, some of the protesters occupied the Va Capitol steps, demanding that the governor come out to meet with them-or resign.

Va governor Terry McAuliffe refused to meet with protesters against what can only be considered his boss given the permits his administration has issued for Dominion to start dumping coal ash in the James River on March 8. Instead, he sent a line of cops after a delay of about an hour to remove protesters by force. Eight were arrested when they defied demands to abandon their position with their demands ignored.

Video highlights of the march and occupation of the VA state Capitol steps(3 min 27 sec)

March and civil disobedience in Richmond against Dominion dumping coal ash
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