Neo-Nazis post pro-Trump flier at Union Station with Jewish caricature

On the 26th of May, a neo-Nazi propaganda poster promoting Donald Trump appeared on a Metro station post at Union Station. The poster used a caricature of Jews consistant with those drawn in Nazi newspapers in Germany during the 1930's and blamed "Jew media" for "whipping up hysteria" against known racist Donald Trump. This poster is designed to resist removal, being a very difficult to remove sticker of thin paper with very tough glue and probably will leave behind permanent damage to the underlying paint.

Most Klan and Nazi groups have endorsed Trump instead of running their own candidates, and the number of KKK chapters in the US has doubled during this campaign season. There are many parallels between the rise of Trump and the rise of Hitler, but cartoons on the order of Der Angriff or Der Sturmer are a new low for even this campaign.This sort of thing makes sensible people puke, but every roll in the gutter seems to somehow increase Chump's poll numbers. That in turn makes a statement about just how racist the US really is.

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