Homeless Memorial March and vigil remembers 46 who died this year

On the 20th of December, the People for Fairness Coalition marched from Luther Place Church to Freedom Plaza to remember 46 people who died on the street or with a housing voucher they were unable to use. The march included a casket in memory of the fallen.

Many of the marchers planned to spend the entire night at Freedom Plaza, with plans for a morning action at the City Council followed by a march to the New York Ave Presbyterian church.

The demands on the City Council and Mayor Bowser being made by this march and vigil are threefold:

1: Fully fund Permanent Supportive Housing.

2: Fully fund Homeward DC.

3: End discrimination against the homeless, making housing status a protected class under the DC Human Rights Act of 1977.

Video of the march from Luther Place to Freedom Plaza

Marchers on 14th St with a casket remembering the 46 homeless people who have died this year in DC

Leaving Luther Place

The march crossing E st to Freedom Plaza

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