Thousands protest Trump's vist to Philadelphia

On the 26th of January, Donald Trump appeared at a 3 day GOP retreat in downtown Philiadelphia just blocks from the historic City Hall building. Several thousand protesters marched to the police barricades just one block away. Three issues dominated the protests: healthcare, the Keystone/DAPL pipeline executive orders, and Trump's racist wall/sanctuary city/deportation executive orders.

This march was originally organized by supporters of the ACA and by AIDS activists who fear that chaos in health care will once again put HIV medications financially out of reach of millions. Due to the sudden wave of extremist executive orders (decrees effectively) from Trump, the original organizers were joined by opponents of the Keystone and Dakota Access pipeline. They were also joined by those seeking to halt Trump's planned and starting pogroms against both Muslim and Latino immigrants.

This was Day 6 of The Resistance

Video highlights from march against Trump in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Standing Rock solidarity contingent as march sets out

Demanding that Trump respect Native sovereignty. His DAPL executive order appears to be an attempt to cancel the environmental impact statement process. No way the DAPL would ever be approved by the lawful owners of the land it crosses.

View from the air by "SeriouslyUS?"

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