Trump is After Us, DC Support Us Rally In Front of the DC City Council

YouTube Live video of the rally on January 26 to support the Muslim communtiy currently being targeted by Donald Trump's executive order banning entry to "foreign born" individuals from specific Muslim majority countries. This comes on the heels of orders to build a wall along the US/Mexico border , and targeting "sanctuary cities".

While the term "sanctuary city" appears to be more symbolic than descriptive, and threatening such municipalities with blocking federal money to them may be illegal save to the police departments which are refusing to hand over immigration status information to ICE -- and Trump claims that he will not block money to the police -- the orders affecting Muslim entry to the US have had immediate effect.

If the idea of a "Muslim Registry" seems far-fetched, speakers remind us that it has already been implemented before (see 54:50), and provide guidance for proactively challenging any such violations against the civil and human rights of the Muslim community here (21:30).

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