In Bed with the media, Interim Police Chief and NBC4 Washington

Police Chief Peter Newsham has a long history of breaking the law, violent outbursts and skirting professional obligations.A little about him:a quick synopsis of his career as total asshole:

  • Charged with domestic abuse for abusing his ex-wife.
  • Responsible for the 2002 Pershing Park mass arrests where he hog tied over 400 of demonstrators. DC paid out millions in lawsuit settlements.
  • Arrested an 11 year old rape survivor for filing a false police report despite overwhelming evidence (semen) that she was raped.
  • Had his gun taken away for passing out on the sidewalk with his revolver next to him after a night of libations.
  • Has a history of explosive episodes in court.
  • He's sort of a slow runner. Routinely clocking slower than 9 minute miles in 5Ks.

And, ordered the mass arrest of over 200 folks at J20 charging every single person with felony riot.He's also a lawyer.Despite the messy, violent and protracted divorce proceeding, Interim Chief Swine Newsham lies with and dates NBC Washington Investigative Journalist Jackie Bensen, also known as Jacqueline Bedway.The chief of police is quite literally in bed with one of DC's most prominent TV journalists. Only in 2004 were the confronted about this and here's what they had to say:"We're both professionals who have been in our respective fields for some time," Bensen says. "We made a conscious decision not to have contact with each other professionally." By agreement with her bosses, she says, she does not cover anything involving Newsham's office.That's odd...we wonder if that's still the case.  Is it possible that Bensen doesn't cover anything related to the police?!? Nope. Her twitter account says otherwise.Several police officers have said in interviews they feel they must cooperate with her because of the relationship. Newsham says he has "never told anyone but my closest friends -- and most of my closest friends aren't police officers -- that we even have a relationship." They both peacefully reside in a home Jacqueline Bedway, also known as Jackie Bensen, owns in Bethesda.This info provided and compiled by your friends at

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