Huge counterprotest against Westboro Baptist at Wilson HS

On the 9th of June, Westboro Baptist had the nerve to take their violently homophobic message to Wilson High School in DC. They were met with a huge student-let counterprotest.

8 second Youtube video scanning crowd posted by WTOP Radio

Westboro's tiny band of hatemongers was outnumbered to the point where they cannot even be seen in some of the photos. Even the Mayor showed up and exchanged words with Westboro. Students reported that the message was one about overwhelming hate with love, but Westboro has infuriated a lot of people with their behavior.

There is a report that the metal band Panzerfaust stopped just days ago at Westboro Baptist while on tour and used the church property for an outhouse, with all band members shown in a photo pissing on the grounds:

Westboro has angered a lot of people this weekend, to the point that the Washington Post ran a cartoon on Sunday showing Westboro Baptist founder Rev Phelps being disemboweled in Hell, along with a remark about finally finding something useful about him.

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