Women strike from all labor, march against Trump and his policies

On the 8th of march, women all over the US staged a general strike known as the “Day without women.” In this area the strike closed among the PG County school system and a DC chain of charter schools. Some of the strikers marched on the White House against Trump’s re-imposition of the “Mexico City” global gag rule against global health providers who accept US funds ever discussing abortion with patients.

Later in the day, a second march issued forth from the Department of Labor, taking over Penn Ave before staging a rally in the space between the Canadian Embassy and the Federal courthouse. Speakers there condemned Trump as the “Predator in Chief” before getting down to business with specific demands. The first of these was that the minimum wage for tipped workers be raised to equal that everyone else qualifies for. This is because tipped workers are routinely forced to endure groping and worse-or risk recieving no tips and only a base wage as little as $2.13 an hour in places like Texas. Maine was cited as having already passed the “One Fair Wage” proposal to do away with subminimum wages for tipped employees.

The Day Without Women was the second general strike against Donald Trump in little more than a month, the first being the Day Without immigrants. The traffic on DC streets in the noon range was unusually light because of the strike on the 8th of March.

Video of the march on the White House against the abortion gag rule

Video from the second march, from Dept of Labor demanding fair wages for women and tipped workers

Marching up 15th st against Trump's abortion gag rule

The start at Freedom Plaza of the march against the gag rule

Marchers arrive at the White House

Round II: DC's International Women’s Day March leaves the Dept of Labor

Big march on Penn Ave quite a contrast to Saturday's fizzled "March4Trump!"

Rally near the Federal courthouse focusses on fair wages for women workers, who often face sexual harassment and worse

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